Privacy and Security

Advanced Encryption

We use data encryption methods to safeguard your data during transmission and at rest, ensuring the information you provide remains private and secure at all times.

Strong Security Headers

Our website is fortified with a comprehensive suite of security headers. These protect against clickjacking, control the exposure of referrer information, prevent MIME-sniffing, and ensure that all connections are secured via HTTPS. Our approach provides a robust defense against common web threats and offers secure communication between your device and our servers.

Traffic and Access Management

We ensure optimal performance and security by strictly managing access to our infrastructure, allowing only necessary traffic, and implementing traffic management techniques to filter and control the flow of data to and from our website.

Protection Against Web Vulnerabilities and Exploits

We have robust protections in place to defend against common web vulnerabilities and actively look for and mitigate web exploits. This comprehensive approach helps keep our website and your data safe from threats, enabling us to respond to threats swiftly and efficiently.

Automated Threat Detection

We use automated systems to detect potential threats, protecting our systems and your data from any malicious activities.

Responsible Privacy Practices

We're committed to protecting your privacy. We only collect essential information like your email, encrypt it, and store it securely. We don't sell user information. To add an extra layer of security, you can use a privacy email relay service, such as the one provided by Apple.

Self-Hosted Analytics

Our analytics data is securely hosted on our own servers. We don't rely on third-party services, further ensuring the privacy and security of your data.