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For inquiries involving complex or nuanced situations not explicitly addressed in standard aviation medical guidelines, our certified Aviation Medical Examiners (AMEs) are available to provide general guidance.



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I feel a little concerned about providing my credit card information, is it secure?

How likely am I to get a deferral or denial at my flight physical?

Over 90% of visits to an aviation medical examiner for a flight physical will result in an issuance during the visit. However, certain conditions may require further review of documentation or specific lab/imaging tests. A major cause of deferral is presenting to your flight physical with inadequate documentation. Of those that require further review (deferral), 96% will ultimately be issued a medical. There are around 2,000 - 2,500 3rd class medical denials a year. These denials are usually due to inadequate documentation.

The FAA states that they review an average of 1,800 medical applications per day! After reviewing they will then contact you with the documentation/testing they need. Once they receive that information from you they will then re-review your application. No wonder it takes so long. To speed things along they recommend asking an AME for advice on what may be needed.

What should I do if I have one of the disqualifying conditions for an FAA medical?

We do NOT recommend scheduling a flight physical until you understand what it will take to obtain a Special Issuance medical. Though not common, you do not want to be denied by the FAA. If you are issued a deferral or a denial, you cannot fly under BasicMed or exercise sport pilot privileges under a valid drivers license until the FAA has determined the deficiency is resolved.

Pilots are not allowed to fly in a period of medical deficiency § 61.53.

I have some medical problems and would like to learn the requirements for airman medical certification. Where can I get further information?

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