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Ask an AME

Access to Expert Aviation Medical Examiners

  • Ideal for Student Pilots and anyone with Eligibility Concerns

    Ask an AME is perfect for student pilots seeking eligibility insights or experienced pilots who need to understand FAA eligibility or self-grounding requirements.

  • Transparent Pricing

    No hidden fees, no upselling. Direct access to AMEs at transparent prices. Discuss FAA requirements comfortably.

  • Anonymous with a focus on Security

    Discuss general concerns with peace of mind, knowing your anonymity is protected. Learn more on our security page.

  • Convenient and Accessible

    Ask anywhere, anytime! We strive to respond within 24 hours or less.


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Free Medical History Review

  • Stay Updated

    Each month, we check the AME guide and the FAA website. We look for things that might stop you from passing the flight physical.

  • Deferral Risk

    Our free tool helps you know if your medicines or diagnoses might cause problems with flying, according to the FAA.

  • Your Info Stays With You

    We keep your privacy safe. We don't save any of your medical searches in our database.

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Find Aviation Medical Examiners (AMEs)

  • Search Made Easy

    Our search tool simplifies the process of finding an AME. Search by location, HIMS, and Class.

  • Ratings

    Have a great experience with a particular AME? Leave a rating!

  • Leave Specific Comments

    PIREPS can help your fellow airmen find a good AME. Leave a comment about how helpful they were assisting you through the process.