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What are the classes of flight physicals?

There are three different classes of FAA Medical Certificates:

How many Aviation Medical Examiners are there in the US?

There are ~2,100 Aviation Medical Examiners in the US. They are designees of the FAA and must be licensed physicians. Not all AMEs can issue a 1st Class Medical. A senior Aviation Medical Examiner can perform 1st class medicals, but a three-year period must pass before an AME can request to become a Senior AME. Flight physicals are a small part of most AME’s practice. The FAA only requires 10 exams per year to maintain AME status.

There are ~200 Human Intervention and Motivational Study (HIMS) AMEs in the US. If you have a mental health issue or substance abuse problem, you may need to see a HIMS AME.

Which AME should I pick?

You should find an Aviation Medical Examiner near you that has a passion for aviation. An experienced AME, who follows proper procedures, can save you problems down the road. You may even need to go beyond your immediate area to find someone with the experience you need. Leaving reviews on our website can help people find the best AME.

Is there a way to see what medications or diseases will cause a deferral?

Our free and automated screening tool can help you identify a risk for deferral. It can increase your chances of a quick issuance.

You can click here to ask a regulatory question to an AME. All questions are anonymous.